Friday, July 22, 2016

2 Guys Show is Officially RELAUNCHED

We are so excited to announce we have officially relaunched the 2 Guys Show! Earlier today we recorded episode 44 with our friend Beth Holland. Beth is an EdTechTeacher Instructor, Edutopia and EdTech Researcher Blogger, TEDx Presenter, Google for Education Certified Trainer, and doctoral student at Johns Hopkins University. Beth thrives on helping teachers to create exciting and engaging learning environments for their students.

Image from EdTechTeacher
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We will discuss EdTechTeacher's Innovation Summit this November in Boston, design thinking, and other new emerging technology, web tools, or apps we are sharing or learning about at conferences.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Everyone Can Create Powerful,Visual Stories with Adobe Spark

In previous posts, I have highlighted the Adobe Post mobile app and the beta version of Adobe Post Web. Now, Adobe has announced the availability of Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark is described as "the only integrated web and mobile solution for creating and sharing impactful visual stories. Free and designed for everyday communications, Adobe Spark empowers anyone – including small businesses, social marketers and students – to create stunning visual content that engages audiences across multiple channels and looks great on any device."


Adobe Spark consists of:

  • Adobe Spark web app: a browser-based web experience for creating social posts and graphics, web stories and animated videos.
  • Spark Post: an iOS mobile app that enables anyone to create stunning social posts and graphics in seconds. (previously Adobe Post)
  • Spark Page: an iOS mobile app that helps users create beautiful web stories. (previously Adobe Slate)
  • Spark Video: an iOS mobile app that enables users to create compelling animated videos in minutes. (previously Adobe Voice)  
Spark's web and mobile apps are perfect tools for students and teachers to create and share powerful, visual content. Adobe created an Adobe Spark Guide for Schools and Educators, an in-depth document on how to use Adobe Spark in the classroom. 

Make sure you also check out these great resources to learn more about how Adobe Spark can be used in education:

Ben Forta's Blog Post: Say Hello To Adobe Spark

Mark Anderson's Blog Post: How to transform how students showcase their learning

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Adobe Post Web (Beta) Launched Today!!

Adobe made a very exciting announcement this afternoon, the launch of Adobe Post Web (Beta). It is referred to as Project M.

To start creating, pick 1 of 3 categories: Post, Page, or Video.

Post: Social graphics, great for creating memes, inspirational quotes, announcements, invitations, and more!

Page: Web stories, great for creating photo journals, event recaps, portfolios, catalogs, and more! Page is very similar to Adobe Slate.

VideoUse various themes, music, and layouts to create an animated video, great for lessons, pitches, presentations, or greetings.

A major highlight in Adobe Post Web (Beta) is the Teach & Inspire templates that includes lessons, newsletters, quotes, etc. 

Project M reminds me of Canva with the ability to create web stories, and animated videos. I am excited to see how educators and students use this new creation tool! 

Create an Adobe account and try Project M here!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Adobe Post 2.5 Brings Many New Features

Image from 

Today Adobe Post received an update with new features including Live Photos support, a Design Suggestion Wheel and a Remix Feed that make it easier than ever to create and share standout social graphics.

Key new features in Adobe Post 2.5 include:
  • Design and Share Live Photos – Apply beautiful designs to your creations and share them as video or Live Photos.
  • Design Suggestion Wheel – Spin the Design Wheel to match existing styles or explore new ones. A completely new way to design, the wheel learns and suggests new style combinations as you spin it.
  • Remix Feed of Fresh Designs – Get started in seconds with handcrafted templates made for social sharing. Check back weekly to collect fresh new professional designs.
  • Smart Alignment Guides – Align your text with precision using Smart Guides.
  • High-Quality Export Resolution – Support for 2560px x 2560px export resolution guarantees crisp and clear graphics for headers, slide graphics, desktop and more.
Adobe Post 2.5 is now available in the App Store.

For more information, visit the Adobe Post blog here.

Monday, March 28, 2016

AR Circuits - Augmented Reality Electric Circuit Kit

The AR Circuits app uses augmented reality to allow students to build and test simple realistic circuits. The app iTunes description says, "The app allows you to build circuits without the expense, safety concerns, and inconveniences associated with physical electric components."


Example a circuit bit incorrectly.

Students can build circuits using printed paper component cards that can be found using the link below. The student then are able to test and interact with their circuits using the AR Circuits app and the camera on your mobile device. The components currently available include one battery, one switch, two bulbs, and three wires. These components allow you to build basic series and parallel circuits.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Gravity Sketch App Makes 3D Creation Fun, Free, and Enjoyable

I am extremely excited to share a new 3D creation app I recently learned about, Gravity Sketch. As their description on iTunes says, Gravity Sketch is "Making 3D creation fun, free and enjoyable."

Gravity Sketch allows users to create beautiful 3D models in a matter of seconds. You can create characters, planes, spaceships, furniture, glassware, rings, pendants everything that you build can be 3D printed in plastic, metal or ceramics.



The team at Gravity Sketch are determined to empower everyone to create and have designed a simple set of powerful tools for you to create just about any idea in 3D. 

In an email from Gravity Sketch Co-Founder Pierre Paslier, he said, "The Gravity Sketch app is perfect for students and teachers who want to illustrate their projects, kids who want to create their own toys."

A huge bonus to this already awesome app, is the "How to make.." tutorials on their website. You can access their tutorials here. Also included under the "Learn: tab is a series of helpful tips, on how to maximize what the app has to offer. Gravity Sketch has also created a forum for general discussions, features requests, and to showcase your creations. The forum can also be accessed from their website. 

The app allows you to share your 3D sketches through Sketchfab or make amazing images to share on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. 
Learn more about Gravity Sketch and Sketchfab's partnership here

You can also export in .obj format, your 3D sketch is good to go for importing into other packages and taking your creation to the next level. 

Want to 3D Print your creations? You can make it real with Shapeways. With the click of a button send your 3D sketch to print and get it in a matter of days.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

4 Alternatives to Canva

Adobe Post is a fun and fast way for anyone to create beautiful social graphics. Get started in seconds with professionally designed, eye-catching templates you can tweak in simple steps. Pick a photo, add some text and apply design filters to instantly create stunning designs. Each tap gives you completely new sizes, layouts, color palettes, typography styles and photo filters—no design experience required. 

It’s a new way to design - on your iPhone - with Adobe magic, brought to you by the makers of Photoshop and Illustrator. You can now stand out from the crowd and engage your followers with eye-catching Posts. Oh, and did we say it’s free?

• Professionally Designed Templates — Get started in seconds with handcrafted templates made for social sharing
• Preset Graphic Sizes — Create designs that stand out on each social platform 
• Design Filters — Transform your text and photo into professional-looking graphics with a single tap
• Magic Text — Resize your text—beautiful typography will be automatically applied on-the-fly
• Auto Resize — Instantly resize your design for social with a single tap
• Auto Recolor — One tap to change the entire color combination of your design to make it pop 
• Premium Fonts & Shapes — Curated by graphic designers to fit every occasion
• Free High Quality Photos — Free access to half a million gorgeous, high quality photo directly inside the app
• Saved Projects — Designs are saved automatically so you can tweak and reuse them with new photo and text
• Instant Sharing — Share your Post directly via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, email, text message, and more. Or save it to your Camera Roll for later
• iPhone 6s 3D Touch — Use Peek and Pop to quickly preview and remix a template
(Information from iTunes)

Want to design something beautiful but don’t have the time for expensive and complicated software like Photoshop or Illustrator? 

Desygner offers hundreds of ready-made templates to help you to design your own graphics. Simply drag & drop images, edit text and customize with stickers & backgrounds. Desygner allows you to create using their mobile app or online platform
(Information from iTunes)
Desygner iPad App

Tackk is a free creation app that allows anyone to create content on the go, without needing technical or design skills. Share your message or tell your story easily with text, images and more. 

Teachers and students become content creators with easy color and layout options. No design skills needed.

BONUS: App-smash your favorite apps in Tackk. Over 300 apps embed into Tackk, like edu partners ThingLink and Animoto.

Spark discussions between students and give assignment feedback with our fun, interactive Tackk Stream. Search Google images and YouTube without leaving your chat. Give it a try on your phone, tablet and computer. 

Phoster a user-friendly application to create stylish posters and various invitation cards.

With stylish templates which are already within the application, you will be able to create posters without great effort.
When you get the job done of first step making posters, you can utilize various effects and decorates to complete the chic posters your own.

This App is for you to create posters to promote and invite your friends at your party, concert, birthday etc.
You will share your created posters with your friends via facebook, twitter, tumbler, and email.

This App is applicable to all models of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.