Monday, August 17, 2015

#AugmentedReality: Engaging a Minecraft Generation

Brad and I are excited to share our augmented reality session proposal for SXSWedu 2016. Our session format will be a core conversation, which the SXSWedu Session Starter Kit describes as a speaker led open conversation with attendees around a particular topic. Sessions are selected in a unique way where staff, public vote and the SXSWedu advisory board are all factors. 
How session are selected for SXSWedu
With 30% of the selection process being public vote, we need your help! Please take a minute to vote for our session and leave a comment if you'd like. We would love to attend SXSWedu 2016 and share the power of learning with augmented reality! Session information can be found below. The link to the voting page is located at the top of this post. Thank you for all your amazing support! 

Augmented Reality: Engaging a Minecraft Generation

Session Description:
Why will kids sit for hours immersed in a Minecraft world, but have trouble staying engaged during class? As a group, we will discuss how new augmented reality (AR) tools give educators and students the power to: create meaningful learning experiences that combine the digital and physical worlds, build interactive experiences to show and share knowledge with a global audience, understand complex concepts, and retain information longer. Together will we address how we can take existing curriculums, and enhance them to appeal to the Minecraft Generation.

During our session we will discuss how to:

  1. Empower students, teachers, and administrators to use augmented reality to design and create powerful learning experiences for the Minecraft generation. 
  2. Provide basic knowledge and skills set to create and integrate meaningful augmented reality experiences in the classroom, school, and community. 
  3. Highlight the way educators and students are using augmented reality to comprehend learning complex concepts, and retain information easier. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

The Power of #ISTE2015 is Connecting with Others

Enjoying lunch at The Fieldhouse with friends!

I am fortunate to attend several conferences throughout the year,  but few compare to ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education). It does not matter if it is your first time, or if you are an annual attendee, the ISTE Conference can be overwhelming! The majority of the 21,000 attendees spend the bulk of the time in sessions, workshops or exploring the massive expo floor. I try to do the complete opposite. 
Each year I attend the ISTE Conference with the same goal: 

Connect with as many amazing educators as possible. 

I do not attend one session or workshop and here is why. I believe  connecting and building relationships with educators from around the World, is more valuable than attending sessions. Connecting with people allows you to learn from them year round, instead of 60 minutes on one topic. 

I think each educator should spend their time the way that will benefit them and their students. I have found this is the best approach for me. What approach or philosophy do you have when attending a conference? Do you approach ISTE differently?

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Leaders in #AugmentedReality take center stage this week at #AWE2015

The leaders in augmented reality take center stage this week in Santa Clara, CA at the 6th Augmented World Expo! The World's largest Augmented and Virtual Reality Conference will host over 3,000 attendees traveling from over 40 different countries. Each of the 3 conference days has a dedicated theme. 

Day 1: Learn "Super charge your brain!"
The first day is focused on workshops and tutorials from the latest technologies.
Day 2: Demo "Super power your people!"
The second day features 100+ micro talks from industry leaders.
Day 3: Inspire "Super Inspiring!"
The final day will include several epic talks from some of the greatest minds in AR, VR, wearables, and IoT.

This will be my first trip to AWE and I could not be more excited. I look forward to showcasing DAQRI 4D Studio Tuesday and Wednesday on the expo floor, and connecting with many of the industry thought leaders

Can't attend but still want to follow the conference? Follow AWE on Twitter @ARealityEvent or by searching #AWE2015. For complete conference information make sure you visit

Other Links: DAQRI @ AWE 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015

Build Spelling Confidence While Capturing Outlaws with Mystery Word Town

Artgig Apps has done it again! Artgig Studio's mobile development arm is well known for the development of kids educational apps like Mystery Math Town, Mystery Math Museum, Shake-A-Phrase, and many more
How is Mystery Word Town different? Matthew Kicinski from Artgig Apps said, “On the surface, Word Town seems quite similar to the Mystery Math apps because the primary game mechanic is the same - find the letters (instead of numbers) to spell the words that will unlock the doors. However, it is a very different game under the hood because it is a spelling game.” 

Mystery Word Town uses 3 different levels of difficulty to accommodate a wide range of students. Level 1 "Easy" helps students master a foundation of sight words before increasing to Level 2 "Medium" and Level 3 "Hard" for in depth spelling practice. I love how the word list for each level is included. 

Another great feature is the ability to spell your own words, or listen to the word first, then spell it. This feature helps those students who need an audio cue. 
I highly recommend downloading Mystery Word Town along with all the other amazing educational apps from Artgig Apps! These apps create a fun filled yet meaningful learning experience! 

Skills targeted in Mystery Word Town:
  • Spelling practice integrated with a rich, immersive game experience
  • Unlimited user accounts - create your own avatar and save your game progress
  • 3 skill levels and 2 game modes provide a highly customizable and flexible learning experience for a range of ages
  • Optional audio hints speak the words from the selected word list
  • Visual hints provide scaffolding for difficult words
  • Quirky characters and backstory are revealed as you recover the missing gold and capture the outlaws
  • Promotes strategic and critical thinking

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kind Gestures and Positive Attitudes

Brad and I are very fortunate to travel around the world to work with amazing students and educators. Each place we visit, we are met with kind gestures and positive attitudes. Students at The Kamehameha School in Maui, Hawaii gave us one of the kindest gestures yet with this Oli Mahalo Thank You Chant to thank us for visiting their school! Head over to the Two Guys and Some iPads Facebook page to see more from our visit to Hawaii! Enjoy!

Friday, April 10, 2015

FREE Platforms and Websites to Create and Download 3D Models!

I tried for a long time to learn how to 3D model! It is very difficult! I have since spent a lot of time researching the best way to create or download 3D content. I have found the following websites, and platforms for you and your students to create 3D models! 

3D Modeling for Beginners

Tinkercad is free platform from Autodesk that makes creating 3D models easy! You and your students can click on the "Learn" button at the top of the page to access great interactive tutorials. These tutorials are a step by step walk you through on how to create various designs. Once finished, Tinkercad allows you to download your creation for Minecraft, order a 3D Print, or upload it to Thingiverse. You also have the option to download your creation to 3D print.
Check out This Getting Started Project (PDF) from It walks you through the steps to make a boat, complete with fun cutout shapes for windows. Print it out, or read it on-screen, and start building!

SketchUp users are architects, designers, builders, makers and engineers. They are the people who shape the physical world. They are important, and they deserve great tools because great tools produce great work.
Great tools are ones you look forward to using. They do one thing (or maybe two) really, really well. They let you do what you want without having to figure out how. They help with hard or boring tasks so that you can focus on being creative, or productive, or both. And they are, in their own way, beautiful.

At SketchUp, we do our best to make great tools for drawing. For our users, drawing is thinking. They draw to explore ideas, to figure things out, to show other people what they mean. They draw because they love it, and because nothing great was ever built that didn't start with a great drawing.

Websites to Download Free 3D Models  

Sketchfab is the leading platform to publish and find the best 3D content, anywhere online. Millions of people make 3D models or scan the real world in 3D, why would they share this in 2D? What YouTube did for video makers, or SoundCloud for musicians, we want to do for creators of 3D content.
You can upload files in almost any 3D format (we support 28), directly on or using one of our exporters, in order to upload from your favorite 3D creation tool. Once your models are on Sketchfab, you can embed them on any web page, and share them on other platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, BÄ“hance, Facebook, Kickstarter, LinkedIn, deviantART…

MakerBot's Thingiverse is a thriving design community for discovering, making, and sharing 3D printable things. As the world's largest 3D printing community, we believe that everyone should be encouraged to create and remix 3D things, no matter their technical expertise or previous experience. In the spirit of maintaining an open platform, all designs are encouraged to be licensed under a Creative Commons license, meaning that anyone can use or alter any design.

Pinshape's mission is to make 3D printing simple and fun. We strive to empower our users by offering an easy-to-use platform that lets them explore, share and download high-quality 3D printable designs. We aim to build an engaging community of innovative makers and designers of all experience levels, who are helping to shape the future of 3D printing.

Advanced 3D Modeling Platforms

Blender is a free and open source 3D animation suite. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and game creation. Advanced users employ Blender’s API for Python scripting to customize the application and write specialized tools; often these are included in Blender’s future releases. Blender is well suited to individuals and small studios who benefit from its unified pipeline and responsive development process. Examples from many Blender-based projects are available in the showcase.
Blender is cross-platform and runs equally well on Linux, Windows and Macintosh computers. Its interface uses OpenGL to provide a consistent experience. To confirm specific compatibility, the list of supported platforms indicates those regularly tested by the development team.

As a community-driven project under the GNU General Public License (GPL), the public is empowered to make small and large changes to the code base, which leads to new features, responsive bug fixes, and better usability. Blender has no price tag, but you can investparticipate, and help to advance a powerful collaborative tool: Blender is your own 3D software.

Unity is a flexible and powerful development platform for creating multiplatform 3D and 2D games and interactive experiences. It's a complete ecosystem for anyone who aims to build a business on creating high-end content and connecting to their most loyal and enthusiastic players and customers.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Create 3D Models with Mobile Devices

Structure Sensor is the World's first ever 3D sensor for mobile devices! The small sensor clips to your iPad using a bracket and connects using cable. I was lucky enough to get one very early on and it has only got better since then. Check out some magnificent apps below that work with Structure Sensor. 

itSeez3D is a mobile 3D scanner that allows your iPad, with the Occipital’s Structure Sensor, to capture color and structure information of the world and process them into realistic 3D models. Use it to scan your family and friends as well as things you would like to copy in 3D, e.g., toys, shoes etc. Share your 3D models on from the app and become a part of the growing 3D community! Other features include:
• Capture high-resolution color and structure data
• Augmented reality feedback is used to improve your scanning experience
• Send captured data to the cloud and get a great 3D model back in a few minutes
• Share the 3D model by email in .ply or .obj formats or on

Find out more at

Pink Dog scanned with Structure Sensor and itSeez3D App

Scanner allows you to Capture objects in 3D with your Structure Sensor. This simple and easy to use application allows you to capture 3D models of objects and people by simply walking around them with your iPad and the Structure Sensor accessory. Captured objects can be sent via email (uses OBJ format). Download the new "Structure Sensor Calibrator" app for best color results.

Room Capture allows you to capture a room in 3D with your Structure Sensor. Capturing a 3D model of an entire room is now delightfully easy. Simply tap 'Start', and slowly pan around your room, and a model is built in realtime as you watch. When you've finished, the model can be explored with natural touch gestures. Models are scale-accurate. You can use a measuring tool to measure distance between any two points.

123D Catch 
Turn ordinary photos into extraordinary 3D models. Capture places, people and things in 3D using your iPad, iPhone, Android device, or any camera. Share your catches, or 3D print a real object!

Tinkerplay (Formerly Modio)
Modio has been acquired by Autodesk and renamed as Tinkerplay. According to the Modio website, this is the reason for the new name:
"You may be wondering why the name change? Well, Tinkercad is an incredible web app from Autodesk that allows you to create custom 3D parts and we will be working on making Tinkercad and Tinkerplay work closely together in the future. As a first step, we’ve added a number of Tinkerplay parts and connectors to Tinkercad so you can start to experiment with making your own parts. "
Tinkerplay gives you the ability to unleash your creativity and design 3D characters. Tinkerplay has a large built in library of shapes, textures,  and colors to design and personalize your character. Also included are character templates that walk you through you how to create. Full multi-touch support allows you to design and build with friends. You can modify and move each part and your finished creation can be exported to work with any desktop 3D printer. 

Morphi is a new 3D modeling and printing app for all! In Morphi, anyone can create printable 3D models (STL files) on the go using touch, without wifi or a mouse. Try the app for free and buy additional tools and features in our In-App Store.