Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Two Guys Show #28: AR Creation


We are very excited to be back this week with episode #28 of The Two Guys Show! Tonight we will be discussing augmented reality creation. We will feature various platforms for augmented reality creation but mainly focus on DAQRI's newly released 4D Studio! For tonight's show will be using the usual hashtag #2GuysShow but also #4D. 

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Unplugged, Reflected, and Recharged!

image from http://www.blacknbougie.com/2011/04/battery-low-indicator.html
Everyone hits lulls in life and needs time to unplug and recharge the batteries. Fortunately this is exactly what I decided to do this past week during our Spring Break. I spent much of the time reflecting on life inside and out of the connected educator realm
It feels like it has been pure insanity this past year for Brad and I. Calling this past year life changing would be an understatement, but sometimes I find myself getting lost in my passion for teaching, learning, sharing, and connecting. Sometimes we all get so caught up in these passions that we forget to truly cherish the family, friends, and relationships we have outside the walls of education. 
I am very blessed to have an amazing support system around me and knowing this has helped me recharge my batteries! 

My Support System
My Dad and I in northern Michigan golfing.
My brother Dustin, sister in law Jessica, me, my girlfriend Megan, and sister Paige.
Megan and I in Chicago
My Mom and I at my cousin's wedding in northern Michigan.
Great friends Erin and Todd at MACUL last month. 
Brad and I before heading to ISTE last summer
I think it is extremely important in find a balance in life. I will admit that I have a hard time doing this at times but reflecting this past week has helped me realize how vital it is. My battery is now fully charged and excited for things ahead! 
Image from http://benchmarkitconsulting.com/colin-stasiuk/2011/10/12/my-sqlpass-community-battery-is-fully-charged/

This past year has been amazing, but it is just the beginning! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Two Guys Show #27: @Aurasma's Global Head of Operations David Stone

We are so excited to have Aurasma's David Stone join us tonight on The Two Guys Show! David is the Global Head of Operations at HP Aurasma. We will discuss augmented reality in education, how David first discovered AR, as well as the amazing updates and innovations Aurasma is working on. 

HP Aurasma's Global Head of Operations, David Stone

Monday, March 24, 2014

AR Detroit LIVE: Creating Augmented Reality

Here is a slide show of the event!

Amazing Stories and Amazing people #20toWatch Washington DC

By: Brad Waid

Tuesday night I boarded a plane for Washington DC.  I was flying out for the National School Board Association's 20 to Watch ceremony.  After landing in DC and getting a little rest, I was ready for the whirlwind of scheduled events that were to begin the next day.

First up, was the "Round Table Discussion" in the Northwest room at the Washington Hilton.  This is where the 20 of us, the organizers and the sponsors gathered to discuss what each of us were doing with technology and share our stories.  Upon arriving at the room, a few of us early birds, quickly struck it up and started making ourselves comfortable.  Matt Meyers a fellow teacher and CEO of a edtech company started taking pictures of everyone with their name card as they walked in......he did this while I wrestled with my broken chair.
Once everyone had arrived and the organizers said their welcome, TechSmith showed us the latest updates on their screen casting product. It was incredible.  Next, were the stories.  Everyone went around the room and shared their stories and it seemed like every other person called was "Brad".  It must be a good year for Brad's in Educational Technology as there were 3 of us named Brad there.  I can't share all the stories, but I did do a play-by-play on twitter  using #20towatch.  There were some amazing stories and some amazing things that are being done all around the country like; Performance Based Education, Redesigning Student Workspaces, Innovative Professional Development, PBL, Flipped, Maker Movement and more!  I was in a room with such amazing, incredible and innovative people.

Me and BH School Supt. Rob Glass
Next up was the "Recognition Ceremony" being held in the Lincoln East Room.  After our round table discussion we went downstairs to another reception room for the recognition ceremony. After everyone was settled in, the representatives from the NSBA spoke about their vision and the 20 to Watch program.  Then NSBA's own Ann Flynn started the recognition process.  One by one she called our names, read a bio about what each of us were doing and we proceed to the front to get our award and have our pictures taken.
After everyone had received their award, they did the closing and we all went up to take pictures together.
Group Photo

Now during the two days, each of us were required to schedule a time slot for our individual interview with Tom Lapping from JDL Horizons who directing interviews for the National School Board Association.  Mine was right after the Recognition Ceremony, so I was off to another room.

Me and Brian
Upon arriving at the interview room, I met Tom, who was directing the interviews and Brian Sterling who was shooting the interviews.  Tom is a great guy who is great at getting you to share your story, in a way, that will have the biggest impact on the viewer.  Brian is from England and he formerly worked for the BBC.  He and I quickly hit it off talking about Manchester United and English Football.  After sitting for the interview and coming away feeling like a celebrity it was back to the room for a few minutes and then off to dinner.

The 20 of us and our guest walked about 3 blocks from the hotel to La Tomate where we went upstairs to the loft area for our group to have dinner.  This dinner was another chance for us to chat with our fellow 20toWatchers and this is where the "Selfie" out break happened!  Ok, it may have just been me! We as a group took an "Ellen-style" selfie and I took one with most everyone there. This is the collage of "20toWatch selfies".  After a good meal, good conversation and great pics.  It was time to retire and start again in the morning.

The next morning it was time for our breakfast with The Center for Digital Education at the District Line Restaurant at the Hilton.  When I got into the room, I saw Tanya Rascorla a reporter for the Center who did a story on Drew and I at ISTE in San Antonio last year.  The Center spoke about their mission and what they were looking at for the 2014 calendar.  While we were enjoying great food, all of us spoke again about what we were doing with students and educational technology and sharing our stories with The CDE.  After breakfast, some of us were off to the airport, some were off to the CoSN conference so we all said our good byes and exchanged contact information.

After a whirlwind two days, the 20 of us were now a group that would be forever linked together....and I am truly grateful to be a part of such an amazing group of people doing amazing things.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

HUGE Update and New Innovations Coming from @Aurasma

Last week we had the opportunity to speak with HP Aurasma General Manager Annie Weinberger, and she filled us in on some very exciting news! She told us that HP Aurasma was going to make a couple of HUGE announcements at SXSWi! 
HP Aurasma Innovation Showcase at SXSWi 

Monday morning, HP announced some major updates, and new innovations to keep up with the insanely fast growing demand of their augmented reality platform, Aurasma! The major overhaul is called Aurasma 3.0! 
Aurasma 3.0 includes a complete overhaul of the Aurasma studio. The newly designed Studio is vastly different. Annie assured us Aurasma 3.0 makes it much easier to build and use! The Aurasma 3.0 Studio will allow the user to create “auras” in just seconds with a more streamline workflow. After seeing the screen shots below, I am ecstatic to get my hands on 3.0 and start creating. Users will also be able to define and manage their own targeting rules within the new Aurasma Studio. As of right now, HP Aurasma does not have a set release date for Studio 3.0 but it will most likely be a few months. 

Those at SXSWi can experience the new innovations at the HP Aurasma Innovation Showcase - the future of AR: Auranimation, Sophisticated Sequencing and Wearables. As a Glass Explorer, I am very excited about the possibilities of augmented reality using Glass and I am sure Aurasma will release an amazing application. 
Update 3.0 for the Aurasma mobile application was recently released. A new SDK allows full Twitter and Facebook integration for a smooth sign in as well as making auras easily shareable. 
Aurasma on wearable is coming!

*All images are from HP Aurasma 3.0 Launch by HP Autonomy

The Two Guys Show #27: Leslie Fisher


Welcome to the 27th episode of the The Two Guys Show! Tonight we welcome the amazing Leslie Fisher! Leslie is Chief Geek of Fisher Technologies Incorporated which specializes in K-12 presenting and training, Digital Photography education, capture, workflow, editing and a touch of web development. Leslie is always on the cutting edge of educational technology and is an inspiring presenter! We are very excited to have Leslie join us for this episode to discuss this week's MACUL Conference and her Augmented Reality workshop tomorrow! 

Leslie Fisher www.lesliefisher.com

Follow Leslie on Twitter @LeslieFisher or @lesliegolf