Monday, September 22, 2014

The Two Guys Show #38: Brian Wassom


Join us tonight as we welcome a very special guest Brian Wassom. Brian's blog features the column Augmented Legality(R), which is the the first regular publication on the law of augmented reality. We will discuss how he believes augmented reality's can impact all students including students with disabilities. 

Tonight's special guest, Brian Wassom.
His book Augmented Reality Law, Privacy, and Ethics that will be published in late 2014 by Elsevier. He speaks regularly to business, legal and student groups about best practices and legal principles in social, augmented and other digital media.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Two Guys Show is BACK!!

WE'RE BACK! We are so excited to get The Two Guys Show back up and running following a crazy busy summer schedule including some major life changes! We will start back tomorrow Thursday, September 18th, at 8:00pm EST. We have A LOT to discuss and we're excited to interview and share the stories or some many great educators! RSVP HERE


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Augmented Reality Made Easy with 4D Studio Tutorials

Creating augmented reality has never been so easy until now! DAQRI 4D Studio gives educators and students the ability to easily create experiences and instantly publish them to share with the world. As our friend Katie Ann said during her augmented reality presentation at Podstock this year, "If you can copy and paste, and drag and drop, then you can create augmented reality." Each experience created and published by in 4D Studio for Education can be viewed using the target image and free DAQRI application.  
scan to download the DAQRI iOS app
Each Monday we host a live webinar demonstrating how to create interactive experiences in 4D Studio. If you are unable to attend a webinar or have additional questions, we hope the short self serve tutorial videos below will help get you started creating in 4D Studio and bring a whole new dimension to ideas! 

Apply for a FREE 4D Studio for Education account HERE
Sign up for a LIVE 4D Studio Webinar with Us HERE
Download the DAQRI application 

DAQRI 4D Studio Tutorial- How to apply for a FREE 4D Studio for Education account

DAQRI 4D Studio Tutorial- 4D Studio Overview and Features

DAQRI 4D Studio Tutorial- How to upload a target

DAQRI 4D Studio Tutorial- Overview of 4D Studio Designer

DAQRI 4D Studio Tutorial- How to use Launch Buttons

DAQRI 4D Studio Tutorial- How to add a YouTube and Vimeo Experience

DAQRI 4D Studio Tutorial- How add a 3D model experience using 4D Preview

For more information visit Apply for a FREE 4D Studio for Education account at Also follow @DAQRIedu @TechMinock @techbradwaid and @DAQRI

Monday, August 25, 2014

Transform your tabletop into a FairyTale World with Enchantium

A recent update has added a whole new experience to the fun filled Enchantium application! Fairytale joins fisticuffs and musical strings in Enchantium's toy chest. Fairytale is different for other experiences in the toy chest because it uses a local point cloud and surface mapping technology. Enchantium's fairytale detects the surface and objects around the target to create the experience. Follow the steps below to transform your tabletop into a fairytale world!

1. Pick a flat surface and place 2-4 solid objects around the 4D Fairy Tale target.(Pictured below)
2. Open Enchantium app, press "Enter 4D" in the main menu, scan the 4D Fairy Tale target, then press "Tap to Start"
3. Scan the 4D Fairy Tale target again to activate the spellbinding experience. (Looks like fairy dust) You are able to begin the story once two objects have been detected but increasing to four objects makes the experience even more engaging! (Blue swirl will appear on objects that have been detected.)
4. Once you hit “begin” the objects turn into different elements of the Fairy Tale. 
5. You can create the environment using the four terrain options in the bottom left corner. 
6. Tap the trees to discover the magical pouch. Touch the magical pouch to bring the Fairy Tale to life. Tap the stones to help discover the key and complete the stage. 
Fairytale target image

Once you have completed the fairytale experience, move your objects to a different location around the target and start again. This will create a whole new magical experience.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bring Learning to Life with Augmented Reality at SXSWedu 2015

Brad and I have submitted a proposal to share the power of augmented reality in education at SXSWedu 2015 and we need your help! Sessions are selected based on public voting (30%), the advisory board (40%) and staff (30%) so we need as many votes as possible. 
image from 

Bring learning to life in your classroom using augmented reality (AR)! This session will teach participants how to create their own, personalized AR experiences and apps using DAQRI’s own creative tool, 4D Studio, an easy-to-use open platform that allows anyone to create in 4D. We will discuss meaningful ways to integrate AR in classrooms, schools and communities, enhancing learning and understanding. This hands-on workshop will leave you empowered to bring a whole new dimension to ideas.

  • Empower teachers, administrators and students to use augmented reality to design, enhance, and create powerful learning experiences. 
  • Provide the basic knowledge and skillset to create and integrate meaningful augmented reality experiences in the classroom, school, and community. 
  • Highlight the way educators and students are using augmented reality to comprehend learning complex concepts, and emphasize how AR helps people better retain information.

Thank you for all your support! 

-Drew and Brad 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

BIG Changes and Updates Coming!

We are excited to announce we will be making some BIG changes and updates to the Two Guys blog!  We strive to engage, inspire, and empower each person who visits our blog to make a positive impact on their student's lives. Thank you for all your support and stay tuned for all the changes and updates! 

Thank you and Stay Connected

-Drew and Brad

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Want to learn more about Augmented Reality in Education? Follow These Great Educators!

Augmented reality(AR) has continued to gain momentum in the educational landscape over the past couple of years. These educators featured below have dove in head first using AR in their classrooms and schools. They continue to share excellent resources to help educators see how augmented reality can engage students and deepen understanding. 

Terri Eichholz

Terri is a teacher of K-5 Gifted Students in San Antonio, TX, who is dedicated to engaging and inspiring all learners. She has a wonderful and informational blog Engage Their Minds. Terri often shares resources about augmented reality on twitter and a whole section dedicated to AR on her blog. Follow Terri on Twitter @terrieichholz and subscribe to her blog for meaningful informational on using augmented reality in education.
Katie show 4D Studio while presenting at Podstock 2014.
Katie Ann Wilson 
Katie is the founder of the blog Diary of a Techie Chick & the Global Digital Scrapbook. Brad and I had the opportunity to attend Katie's augmented reality session at Podstock> She did a great job showcasing many AR apps, tools, and examples in education. She routinely shares great information regarding augmented reality on her blog and on Twitter. You can follow Katie on Twitter @KatieAnn_76, join her Edmodo Augmented Reality Group, and her recently created Google+ page Augmented Reality for Education.

Paul Hamilton
According to Paul's twitter biography he is an  ADE 2013-EDTECH digest award finalist, Pioneer/Developer/Speaker/Author. Coding, The Tellagami Project, Augmented Reality, iBeacon Technology. I had the privilege of meeting Paul this past month at ISTE and we had a great conversation regarding augmented reality's impact on student learning, iBeacon Technology, and much more. He has even created an augmented reality app called Science AR and published an ebook called Augmented Reality in Education. Definitely follow Paul on twitter and check out his site Apps by Paul Hamilton.

Courtney Pepe:
Courtney is a self proclaimed iPad Queen. She is also an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE), Google Glass Explorer, Ed Tech Author, Webinar Hostess, K-12 workshop presenter, surfer, and life-long learner. She has a passion for emerging technology and augmented reality. Check out her blog and follow her @ipadqueen2012.

Charles Cooper

Charles, who is 2013 NISD Secondary Teacher of the Year, was one of the first people Brad and I connected with on twitter who was using augmented reality in education. Charles has many great videos on his YouTube page and an abundance of resources on his site Make sure you add him to your PLN by following him on Twitter @Thrasymachus

Brad Gustafson:

One of the best administrators in the Country, if not the World is elementary principal, digital leader, and AR evangelist Brad Gustafson. Every time I have the privilege to talk to Brad, he is always telling me about his amazing staff. Brad sends an augmented baseball card to each student before the school year starts to welcome them. He is the Co-creator of the #WorldBookTalkBrad shares great resources on his site and on twitter @GustafsonBrad

Tom is passionate educator and blended learning specialist who conducts professional development through @HighlanderInst. Tom has routinely posted augmented reality articles and resources on his site Tom and I have had several discussions about AR in education, and other emerging technologies. In 2012, Tom authored a study while completing his MA program at Columbia University called "Flipped Learning and Democratic Education." He has also authored chapters for three books on instructional technology, including Flipping 2.0 and Flipped Learning: Gateway to Student Engagement.  Tom is a wealth of knowledge so make sure you follow him on Twitter @Mr_Driscoll

Daisy Marino:
Daisy is a enthusiastic elementary teacher at Warren Elementary in Texas. I had the pleasure of meeting Daisy this past month at ISTE. I got to learn about her journey as a connected educator and how excited she is about augmented reality in education. She has used it with her 4th graders and shares great examples on her site and on Twitter @daisyray215

These early adopter's innovation and creativity is shown in the content they continuously share. They are stepping outside the box and their students are benefiting. 

If you are using augmented reality in education, please connect with Brad (@techbradwaid) and I (@TechMinock). You can also connect with us @2GuysShow and @DAQRIeduWe absolutely love hearing stories, and seeing pictures and videos about educators using augmented reality to make a difference in education!