Monday, February 9, 2015

The Two Guys Show #42: Stewart Parker

Join us 8pm EST Thursday night for the 42nd episode of The Two Guys Show with special guest Stewart Parker! Stewart is a 9th grade educators at Winter Park HS outside Orlando, FL. Stewart has been using DAQRI applications and 4D Studio through out the school year and has been the instrumental in making Winter Park a DAQRI Education Flagship School. 
Stewart demonstrating the 4D experience he created to a co-worker during 4D PD.

Stewart introducing 4D to a student at Winter Park HS

Friday, January 23, 2015

Two Guys at #FETC

Brad and I arrive early Tuesday afternoon before our 4pm workshop "Bring Learning to Life with Augmented Reality" which focused on the process and tools to easily create meaningful learning experiences. Each attendee used 4D Studio, as well as looked at TinkercadCanva, and Thingiverse. It was exciting to see everyone get time to play with the tools and create experiences. 

Wednesday started with an early visit to our friends at Winter Park High School 9th Grade Campus. It was fun to sit down with a group of students and discuss augmented reality in education. Their viewpoints, examples, and feedback was inspiring and powerful! After leaving Winter Park High School, we returned to the conference for our noon "Game Changing Apps AMPLIFIED" workshop. We like to focus on a few great apps and tools that we have used in class and know make a difference! We are always excited when those who attend our sessions have not used or heard of the tools before. Everyone was enthusiastic about implementing the apps and web tools into their classrooms. 

Thursday was the day we were most excited about! We had two sessions, "Bring a New Dimension to Learning with Augmented Reality" and "Inspire Innovation by Fostering Collaboration and Creativity!" Our AR session came first and was filled with enthusiastic educators and they had the whole conference buzzing with tweets from our session. Our afternoon session "Inspire Innovation by Fostering Collaboration and Creativity!" is one of our favorites to share because it helps educators think about learning in a new way. 

FETC was an extraordinary event this year and hopefully we get the chance to return next year as well! Thank you to all the educators who attended our sessions, connected with us, and inspired us! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Two Guys Show #41: Jennifer Womble

We are very excited to finally be back with a new fun and informational episode of The Two Guys Show! For our first episode of 2015 we are lucky to have Jennifer Womble join us as our special guest. 

Photo from Jennifer's Twitter profile.
Jennifer's About.Me says she's "responsible for oversight of all content and presentations for 1105 education technology events including FETC, WirelessEdTEch and Campus Technology live and virtual events throughout the year. Developing innovative events and hands-on experiences to engage audiences and promote learning. Implement activities and practices for successful event sessions, activities and educational technology workshops. Building an educational technology community to enable educators to collaborate. Developing the highest quality professional development for education in the technology space."We hope you join us Thursday night! 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Our Top 10 Posts in 2014

2014 was a year to remember! Here are our top 10 blog posts from this year. Thank you for you unbelievable support! 

1. 6 Platforms to Create Augmented Reality
When most people first try augmented reality(AR) in education, they start with applications that have the AR content already built into the app. Apps like AR FlashcardsPBS Kids CyberChase Shape Quest, and Crayola Color Alive have this, and are a great way to get your feet wet. As educators, we know the power of creation. Hopefully one of the following 6 platforms will help you and your students dive in to creating your own augmented reality!

2. PBS Kids make Geometry and Problem Solving FUN with Augmented Reality
This past week while I have been stuck inside thanks to massive amounts of snow and subzero temperatures, I've been searching to discover as many new augmented reality apps as I could. I have downloaded well over 20 in search for ones I could use with my students and entertain myself during snow days. I found many great augmented reality applications but the latest augmented reality application from PBS Kids stood out! 

3. 5 Design Tools to Spark Imagination and Promote Creativity
One of my favorite things about working with students is their ability to routinely blow my mind. Amazing things happen when students are given the opportunity to use their imagination, and think outside the box with no fear of failure. Give your students access to the 5 tools below, and let them blow your mind! 

4. Want to Learn more about Augmented Reality in Education? Follow These Great Educators! 
Augmented reality(AR) has continued to gain momentum in the educational landscape over the past couple of years. These educators featured below have dove in head first using AR in their classrooms and schools. They continue to share excellent resources to help educators see how augmented reality can engage students and deepen understanding. 

5. You are Not Just a Teacher!
Far too often we hear the phrase, "I'm just a teacher." I am here to tell you that I am Not Just a Teacher, and neither are you! Yes, “Teacher” may be our job title, but we are so much more than that. I am a teacher, a mentor, a friend, a voice, and even some days as an elementary teacher, I'm a doctor. 

6. Anatomy 4D Update Allows Users to Explore the Human Body Like Never Before

Today DAQRI launched a major update to their popular medical education app Anatomy 4D. Version 2.0.1 comes with an all new user interface, updated models, and an added heart experience. 

7. Augmented Reality Made Easy with 4D Studio Tutorials
Creating augmented reality has never been so easy until now! DAQRI 4D Studio gives educators and students the ability to easily create experiences and instantly publish them to share with the world.

8. AR Explosion - A day using a Workshop Model with Augmented Reality
The other day I was talking with my class and I asked them "What Augmented Reality do we currently use in the classroom?"  In a matter of seconds my students were shouting out a ton of AR apps and the many ways we have "integrated" them into our classroom.

9. Coding in the Classroom - Beyond Cargo-Bot
Since the beginning of the year my students have embraced coding in our classroom.  It all started with our use of the iPad app Cargo Bot (see previous post of "Coding" in the classroom).  As you know we are big fans of cargo bot and speak about it in our presentations and on our show.  But, this article is going to go beyond cargo bot and explore a few other excellent coding apps for kids.

10. The Two Guys Show #29 - Integrating Augmented Reality in Education
During our 29th episode of The Two Guys Show tonight, we will is share how we have integrated AR in our classrooms, but also the amazing stories and experiences educators have shared with.

Thank you for an amazing 2014 and we look forward to an even better 2015! It is all of you that inspire us! Keep connecting and changing the lives of your students!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

DAQRI Education Office Hours #4: This Friday!

DAQRI Education Office Hours is a LIVE Google Hangout (GHO) that will answer questions you have about DAQRI Education, our Flagship School Program, 4D Studio for Education, or the various educational apps DAQRI has to offer. These events will be hosted by Brad and I. We will also be looking for educators, students, or administrators to join us live and share how they are using Elements 4DAnatomy 4DEnchantium, or 4D Studio to transform and enhance learning experiences. We will use the #LearnIn4D during the live Office Hours as a back channel to share exciting experiences. 

Previous DAQRI Education Office Hours Episodes

Thursday, November 27, 2014

We are Thankful for You!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are thankful for all of you who visit our site and support education!

- Drew and Brad

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Post-it Notes! They’re not just for the refrigerator anymore!

Photo from
Post-it notes have jumped into the 21st Century and have found their place in a “digital” and “augmented” world.  Thank you Tony Vincent for sharing this with me at #MiamiDevice. 

The "sticky notes" notes that have covered our refrigerators and our classrooms have re-invented themselves and I love it! Now, using the sticky notes plus app (link below), you can turn the paper notes into digital copies and manipulate them! It’s like the old video from Ah Ha, where the analog world is coming to life (youngsters, look it up, haha).   

There are so many great ways to use them and we are just scratching the surface.  
-Visible thinking routines (Harvard University Initiative)
-Exit slips
-Bulletin Boards

Check them out and share your ideas and stories with me on twitter @techbradwaid

Check out the site and the app here: 

If you have an awesome app that you would like me to write about our share, please tweet me @techbradwaid or email me

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