Saturday, January 25, 2014

Aurasma Studio Tutorial Videos UPDATED!

We have had a lot of questions regarding Aurasma and creating auras. This is the start of many video tutorials to help you create engaging auras for your classroom, school, district or personal use. We hope these short videos help and get you excited to create your own augmented reality! 

Sequence auras created in Aurasma's studio will allow you or students to create interactive auras with multiple overlays. 


  1. Hey guys!

    Aurasma looks fabulous. I was wondering about a few tips that you might clarify.

    Could you put some navigation tips for ipad here? I was learning/exploring but could not find a button to push to go back a page within Aurasma.

    Also, it is unclear exactly what Aurasma is. I know a bit from using it. It's just that if you are introducing an app, it would would be helpful to explain in more detail exactly what it is and does. For the AR newbie, it could benefit me as I assess how I might use it in my classroom. I read through all the meaningful uses, but still am in the dark as to exactly what I am learning here!

    I am excited to learn it and thought others might be experiencing some newbie blotto!

    Thanks and keep up the great work.
    Debra Laughlin

  2. You guys rock! Can you please for the love of god put up a tut on how to create a 3d object (maybe in maya) and place it within Aurasma? There is always an issue with my lighting not just shows up as a back object when triggered...the guys over at Aurasma never replied to my request for help.