AR Tutorials

What's Your Aura?

We have had a lot of questions regarding Aurasma and creating auras. This is the start of many video tutorials to help you create engaging auras for your classroom, school, district or personal use. We hope these short videos help and get you excited to create your own augmented reality! 

How to create an Aurasma Studio account

How to create a channel in Aurasma Studio
How to upload a "trigger image" in Aurasma Studio

How to upload an "overlay" in Aurasma Studio

How to create an aura in Aurasma Studio
How to create "interactive click throughs" in Aurasma Studio

Sequence Auras: 
Creates a more engaging and interactive experience for the user.

Create interactive actions and buttons using the URL Schemes listed below:

Make a phone call: 
tel:phone#  ex tel:123456789
Send a Text Message:
sms:phone# ex sms:123456789
Send an email: 
Load a Website: 


  1. Sharing the passion for this app.... Aurasma's awesome! Come on over to for even more ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Mary! Love meeting another person who is passionate about using Augmented Reality and Aurasma! I will check it out!



  3. Our Global Networking class is getting ready to use Aurasma to make business cards highlight out project lead the way classes. I can't wait to see how they turn out. You can follow our progress at

  4. Thank yo so much for this. I feel like I am off and running now :)

  5. Is there a way to overlay a url onto a visual trigger? I have some students showcasing work done on a website or a prezi that I would like to overlay.

    Thanks for this.


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  11. HI, I listened to your webinar yesterday (which was great BTW) and spend most of day learning about AR. I think I got it, but just a question.... if for example you are doing a "Living Museum" and the parents come to see it, you would just need to make sure they download Aurasma app ahead of time so they can read Aura - is that all? We set up the channel ahead of time to make "active" so Parents don't need to search for the image - correct? Many thanks for help.

  12. Thank you for the blog. I have a question about masking. Masking buttons do not appear in my trigger window. Do you know why or how I could make them appear?
    Thanks! Leslie Williams, Cary Academy NC