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The Two Guys Show #28: AR Creation

The Two Guys Show #27: Aurasma's Global Head of Operations, David Stone

The Two Guys Show #26: Leslie Fisher

The Two Guys Show #25: Author's Panel

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The Two Guys Show #23:Emmy Award-Winning Producer Marty Keltz

The Two Guys Show #22: Tony Vincent

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The Two Guys Show #20: Jon Corippo

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The Two Guys Show #18: Welcome to 2014

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The Two Guys Show #16: Evan Scherr

The Two Guys Show #15: Kyle Pace

We are very excited to have the great Shannon Miller join us on the next episode of The Two Guys Show! Don't miss it Tuesday night at 9PM EST! Click here to RSVP!

Welcome to the fourth episode of The Two Guys Show! Last night we were excited to share the power of augmented reality. Augmented reality is is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. 
We believe AR is the future of educational technology because it allows students to learning in a way like never before. We are able to bring a hands on approach to objects before was impossible. 

You can also engage students to practice letter recognition with AR Flashcards. Mitchlehan Media is about to release their second augmented reality app called AR Flashcards-Space. Those will be available very soon in the app store.
AR Flashcards by Mitchlehan Media
Students and teachers can create their own augmented reality using Aurasma. Aurasma allows you to create AR in the app on your device, or on a computer using the studio account
Another company who is looking to change education with the use of 4D is Daqri! We believe Daqri has develop the best augmented reality content out there. They create an engaging and educational experience for each user. They have developed Autonomy 4D and recently successfully funded their Kickstarter campaign for Elements 4D. Look for more amazing AR in the future from Daqri. 

The Two Guys Show #3: The Ninja Todd Nesloney

Welcome to the third episode of The Two Guys Show! Last night we had the pleasure of having our good friend and tech ninja Todd Nesloney as our special guest. Todd is a trail blazing educator from Texas who is a black belt at the flipped class model. He has recently contributed to Flipping 2.0, a book on practical strategies to flip your classroom. Todd is also Co-Founder of the popular Edu All-Stars Podcast and the training company "3 Tech Ninjas." In addition to being named as one of the "20 to Watch" by the National School Board Association, Todd also works with Texas Principal, Remind101, Sophia.org, and several other organizations. You can check out much more information about this tech ninja at this site http://www.toddnesloney.com Todd also was excited to share TWO BIG announcement while on our show and you will have to listen to find out! We have had a lot of request for an AR 101 show so we are excited to say it will take place next Tuesday night at 9pm EST!! 

Working hard with Erin Klein before ISTE Conference.

We are happy to announce our great friend Erin Klein will be our first guest next Tuesday night at 9pm EST so don’t miss it!

Check out our Channel page here: The Two Guys Show

Welcome to the first ever episode of The Two Guys Show! We are excited to join EdReach and share our passion and energy with everyone. This episode focuses on the layout of our show and our backstory. We are happy to announce our great friend Erin Klein will be our first guest next Tuesday night at 9pm EST so don’t miss it!

We are excited to announce we will be joining the EdReach Network with the creation of The Two Guys Show! Our show will be live on Tuesday night with the time still TBD. It will be available to download and subscribe in iTunes and using the Stitcher app.
Our show will feature:
  • Latest in educational technology
  • Augmented reality in education
  • Interviews with Game Changing Educators
  • Shout outs to exciting ideas from Twitter and blogs
  • Upcoming EdTech conferences, and deadlines
Our show will be full of energy and passion for sharing ideas, stories, and educators who are making a difference in the lives of students. We will announce our the date and time of our show very soon so stay tuned! Make sure to check out the promo video for The Two Guys Show!



Two Guys Show Press Release!

EdReach Adds More Programming to Network, to Include “Two Guys”, the #LadyGeeks
Posted by EdTech Times Staff on Aug 22, 2013
EdReach to Launch New Channel for Educators Featuring the “Two Guys,” Premiering August 27th .  EdReach Adds to Its Fall Roster by Adding the #LadyGeeks, Premieres Late August 
CHICAGO, IL, August 21st, 2013 ­ EdReach.us today announced today the launch of a new educator channel: Two Guys, hosted by Michigan educators, Brad Waid and Drew Minock. The EdReach Network is an education broadcasting network, providing live shows and podcasts for the education innovator. Brad and Drew have made a name for themselves as enthusiastic proponents for augmented reality in the classroom. You can read about their adventures at their website TwoGuysandSomeiPads.com. You’ll be able to watch and listen to their new shows at http://edreach.us/channel/twoguys/ and view the live broadcast at EdReach’s Google+ Page.
This channel is one of many new channels EdReach is launching in its fall season, including Subtext’s The Reading Room and TechSmith’s ChalkStar to Rockstar.

Says Mr. Minock:

“Brad and I are humbled by the opportunity to have conversations with educators doing amazing things, and use our passion to get others excited about changing the way we educate students.”

Says Mr. Waid:
“We are excited to have this great opportunity to reach, and talk with educators not only in the United States, but all over the world about the power of collaboration and sharing.”

Daniel Rezac, EdReach.us’ Founder and Editor in Chief, notes:

“One thing that is inescapable with Brad and Drew is their enthusiasm for what they do. For EdReach­ we want to capture that energy and share it with educators all over the world. Once you start listening to Two Guys­ you will never think about education in the same way before.”

EdReach and its dozens of education contributors are staples at all the major education conferences. With a channel on EdReach, Two Guys and educators alike like can now share strategies and tips for others to a huge education audience ­ every day­ on The EdReach Network.
EdReach.us today also announced the launch of a new show on The EdReach Network: #LadyGeeks, to premiere the last week of August, just in time most educators in the U.S. are back at work. The #LadyGeeks show is co­hosted by educators Katie Regan and Shari Sloane. The #LadyGeeks are passionate about learning and sharing everything tech, especially in education. EdReach is an Education Broadcasting Network based out of Chicago with unique live video and podcast programming for the innovative educator. You can engage in their new show soon at EdReach.us/ladygeeks and watch them live at EdReach’s Google+ Page.
This new show adds to a slew of new shows premiering on the EdReach Network’s fall season, including Subtext’s The Reading Room, TechSmith’s Chalkstars to Rockstars, Two Guys, an untitled comic strip, among others.

Katie Regan, Co­host of the #LadyGeeks, notes:

“We are excited to be a part of the EdReach network. We want to continue to connect with others, inspire innovation, challenge educators to take risks, and participate in the major educational shifts that are happening across the globe.”

Shari Sloane, Co­host of the #Ladygeeks, notes:

“This is an exciting opportunity to share our passion for education technology with other educators in a light­hearted, fun space.”

Daniel Rezac, EdReach.us’ Founder and Editor in Chief, notes:
“The LadyGeeks have quickly proven to create a unique show that has grabbed educator attention. By bringing them to EdReach, we can all share in the great strategies and ideas that these two innovators have to offer. The EdReach audience is better for having them.”
EdReach and its dozens of education contributors are staples at all the major education conferences. With a channel on EdReach,
#LadyGeeks and educators alike can now have an education conference every week­ every day­ on The EdReach Network. You can preview and subscribe to the #LadyGeeks show by going to EdReach.us/LadyGeeks.

About EdReach
EdReach Global (www.EdReach.us) is based out of Chicago, IL and was founded in 2012. The EdReach Broadcasting Network has hundreds of education contributors in the US, Australia, Singapore, Shanghai, the UK, and abroad. They are in their early stages of funding, but will be seeking to complete an institutional round of capital this year to further accelerate their growth. Thousands of educators every month turn to EdReach for the latest in innovative teaching practices, learning models, tools, ed news, and resources.

About Two Guys:
We are a couple of enthusiastic and passionate educators from Eastover Elementary in Bloomfield Hills, MI. We are on a mission to change the way we learn, teach, and lead by using technology. We are using technology as a tool to create meaningful and engaging lessons. We hope the ideas, resources, and vision we share on this show help you want to “Change the Game!”

About #LadyGeeks:
The #LadyGeeks are two educators who are passionate about learning technology that excites and enhances our lives. Katie Regan and Shari Sloane are both English teachers who promote exciting, project­based classrooms that prepare students for a global world. They are active in professional development through our districts, NYSCATE.org, Twitter, and of course, their website http://www.ladygeeks.org/

Article is from Edtech Times: 


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