4D Targets

This page will be devoted to engaging you as our visitor. Scan the QR code or click here to download the DAQRI iOS app and get started. Click here to download the DAQRI app for Google Play. Then, all you have to do is place your device over the target images below, and enjoy the magic of augmented reality!

Scan to download the DAQRI iOS app

Drew's Business Card 


World Map Experience created by Stewart Parker

Experience the Universe in 4D!

Explore the DAQRI Smart Helmet in 4D!

A New Dimension to Learning: Augmented Reality in Education iBook Cover. Download iBook here: http://bit.ly/4DiBook 

 Student Book Talk: UNGIFTED

A great experience created Digital Leaders at St. Joseph's RC High School in Newport, South Wales, UK
Check out their site and follow them on Twitter

Amazing 4D experience about Prokaryote (the yellow cell, biology lesson) created by Samantha Fischer

Check out this 4D experience for Physical Education class! It was created by Jenna Ball

This great 4D experience was created by Stacy Julian 

US Mapping Lab created by Stewart Parker

Check out the TeachMeetNJ Target

Great experience created by Richard Walsh

Interactive experience created by Christopher Brendel

Experience created by Stewart Parker

Check out our good friend Brad Gustafson in 3D! 

A couple of cool experiences created by educator Collin Brooks using DAQRI 4D Studio.

Two Guys and a Capture Studio
We were lucky enough to visit DAQRI Headquarters and check out their capture studio. Download the DAQRI application and scan the images below. Take a fun and creative picture with Brad (#27 on the left) or Drew (#26 on the right) and post it on Twitter using #2GuysShow


World Book Talk

An excellent book report from one of my former students who used 4D Studio to augmented his poster. 

CUE Rock Star Camp on the USS Hornet!
The Top Gun of EdTech Conferences!

Podstock 2013 Logo

Bloomfield Hills High School-Coming Soon Fall 2015!

Our awesome school Eastover Elementary!

More examples coming soon!!


  1. I love the work you've done and am beginning to see the potential for what kinds of things can be done using AR. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Our pleasure! It is very powerful & we are seeing the difference it is making with kids in education!

  2. Cool stuff here guys. Love the techlandia aura.

    1. Thanks! Yah, we thought we could have some fun with them :-)

  3. What program did you make your video intro for the Bloomfield Schools overlay (I think that's the right word...)

  4. We used iMovie and did it on the iPad! Drew is awesome with iMovie!

  5. My first ever attempt using Daqri 4D Studio http://mradampe.com/2014/10/26/using-daqri-glorified-qr-reader/ Love it! Going to use it a lot more this year